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Why use a professional Make Up Artist?

Updated: May 16, 2019

Using a make-up artist will accentuate your finest features to get the very best headshots that get you noticed.

You've got to admit that getting professional headshots taken for your Spotlight, Mandy, or Star Now page is one hell of a big investment in both time and money! So, naturally, you want to get the best value out of your session and make sure those photos work long and hard to help you reach your career goal.

What will the make-up artist do that I can’t do myself?

Good question!

Make-up artists (or MUA for short) are quite literally 'fine artists' and they see your face as the canvas, enhancing and dynamically accentuating your natural look to bring out your unique characteristics. An MUA can very quickly analyse your look and see what needs to be done to bring out the best in you, working with the lighting conditions on the day, your choices of outfits and the camera angle.

As much as we all want to look like Angeline Jolie, (tried that - didn't work!) at the end of the day what makes you stand out from the crowd is YOU. I can never stress enough how important it is to look like your headshot - The end result has to reflect the “natural” you. You won’t see the make up, you’ll only see YOU... but looking your very best.

Without giving away all their secrets, here are some of the techniques a make-up artist uses:

o Even-out skin tones

o Blend away dark lines

o Take away blemishes

o Hide spots

o Avoid make-up smears and uneven application

o Ensure correct colour tones for your skin colour

But I am an expert at applying my own make-up, why should I hire someone else to do it?

Let’s be totally honest, it is stressful and even a bit frightening going to a photography shoot for the first time with someone you don’t know. So, having a professional artist to make you look your absolutely, amazing best BEFORE you even step in front of the camera is a lot less stressful

than doing it all yourself.

Think of it like like going for a massage! You’ll get a complete facial pampering which will relax you and make you confident that the MUA will bring out the very best in you. This will all reflect in your face and ultimately in your headshots.

The other consideration is that you really don’t want anything to go wrong, so imagine if it’s a super-hot day and your make up runs or you don’t bring the right powder to your session. You’ll have already got off on the wrong foot and won’t be in the right frame of mind to do a great shoot.

Wait a second...I'm a big manly man, why should I use a make-up artist?

It might surprise you to know that I have plenty of guys that use a make-up artist for their professional headshots.

Wanna know why?

Guys usually have larger skin pores than women and more facial hair and they often need a bit more work to eliminate shine and blend the skin tones to get a natural look. Make-up also helps to give more definition and that’s something that cannot be achieved as easily and naturally with retouching.

Guys should also think carefully about facial hair – beard or no beard; shaved or shabby look – make sure you come to your session prepared with the look(s) you want to achieve in your shots by planning in advance your growing, shaving and grooming.

If you do want to shave mid-session, bring everything you need to make sure you're skin is hydrated and won't break out in a razor burn!

Natural versus retouched

Getting the most natural “you” shot is always our goal so we want to reduce as much as possible the amount of retouching that we need to do. Having a make-up artist to work with beforehand will always reduce the amount of retouching required and leave you with the most natural shots possible that show you at your very, very best.

Last minute tips …

Your headshots are super important for your career and future so make sure that you are fully prepared in advance of your shoot:

o Drink plenty of water

o Get a good night’s sleep, especially the night before

o Moisturise your face and lips the night before

o Avoid alcohol

o Avoid salty foods that can cause bloating

o Stay out of the sun

Book a Session with a make up artist now!

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