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Why it pays to have a Professional Profile Photo for your Business and Social Networks

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

I’m sure it hasn’t escaped your notice that almost every website we sign up to these days, whether it’s mainstream business and “social” sites such as Linked-in, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook or Communities or Forums, requests us to upload a profile photo. And if you don’t upload one, your profile shows as in-complete. Kind of annoying, isn’t it?

There is absolutely no doubt that choosing the perfect profile picture for our social profiles is a very tricky business. Do you upload the cute one of you with your dog, or the close-up selfie taken in the bathroom or the one that your partner took of you at a wedding, looking smart and well-dressed but too far back to clearly see your face?

See what I mean …. It’s very likely that in the thousands of photos of you, stored on your phone, there is nothing really suitable for professional use and by that, I mean one that really captures you and your personality and presents you how you want to be seen and respected in your profession.

So, in this article, I’m going to give you five compelling reasons to invest in some professional

Corporate Headshot
Corporate Headshot

corporate headshots; great photos of you that you can use for the next 2 or 3 years across all your networks, both professional and personal.

Just before I do that, let’s have a bit of fun! I challenge you to go and find out what photos of you are already out there on the “world wide web”. You might be surprised! Simply head to your favourite search engine, type in your name and click on Images.

OK, so what did you find? Unimpressed, cringing or even shocked? Then read on with my five compelling reasons to get professional corporate headshots:

1. Show-off you at your very best: A clear, clean, colour balanced headshot taken in natural light will give anyone looking at your profile photo a good idea of what you really look like and who you really are. Your warmth and personality will shine through and position you in the best possible light to prospective employers and connections alike.

2. Reflect you and your brand: Are you a Baker, a Lawyer, a Creative Director or a Financial Consultant? Whatever you do for a living, it’s important to make sure that you show you - your brand, in the right clothes, with the right hairstyle, against the right background and in the right light, looking your absolute best. Take a look at some of the professional corporate portraits I’ve already taken and judge for yourself (link to corporate headshot page).

3. Consistency, confidence, trust: You need to have the mindset of consistency. In other words, all the photo profiles on all your professional and industry related websites and social networks should be similar or identical (ie: in the same series of photos). Apart from ticking the boxes for good marketing and professionalism, you will also convey confidence and trust in whoever is viewing your profile.

4. High quality photography: There is no doubt that corporate photography taken by someone who does it for a living – day in and day out, is entirely different to the average casual shot taken by an amateur, even if she is your best mate! Invest in a series of high-quality, professionally taken corporate headshots that are properly formatted and sized and you’ll immediately reap the benefits. You’ll stand out like a beacon on your Linked-in profile and earn some extra bonus points by demonstrating that you are a person who is thoroughly organized and takes their own marketing seriously.

5. Be honest with yourself: None of us like ageing and none of us like the changes we see in ourselves as we get older. But, believe me, there is nothing more deceptive than a photo on your profile of you 10 years younger than you are! What happens when you meet a client or prospective employer face to face? The answer is disappointment. So, I encourage you to be honest with yourself and show who you really are by uploading a professionally taken, personality filled recent corporate headshot.

That’s it! Convinced, unconvinced? You are the judge and jury. If you want to give me a whirl and invest in some really great Corporate headshots that will keep you squarely in the limelight for the next 2 or 3 years, head on over to my Bookings page and pick a slot.

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