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  • Where is your studio based?
    I work from my home studio in Willesden Green. It's approximately a 7 minute walk from the Jubilee line.
  • Wait, so you work from home?
    Yep, I took the decision to move my studio into my flat because commuting for two hours every day in London is not fun. The light in my home studio better, and I can make you fancy tea/coffee. It's a win-win. Access You should know... I live on the top floor of an old victorian building and there are two flights of stairs to climb and no lift. Sadly this means my studio is not accessible to everyone. If you're someone who has different access needs, please do get in touch and I'll send you a video/pictures of the route from the ground floor to the upstairs. If you decide it isn't for you - it's no problem at all - I'll happily point you in the direction of photographers that have better access facilities.
  • How do I get to your studio?
    Tube/Rail: Willesden Green (Jubilee Line) - 8 minute walk Cricklewood (Thameslink) - 15/20 minute walk Brondesbury Park (Overground) - 15/20 minute walk Parking: Parking in most of central London is limited and therefore discouraged. However there is a Sainsbury's superstore about 2 minutes walk from my flat where you can park for free for up to two hours. (High Rd, London NW10 2TD)
  • How much do you charge?
    Between £100 - £300 Check out my prices page to see what's included.
  • How do you accept payment?
    I'm so glad you asked. I accept Pay Pal, Banks Transfers or cash on the day (if you prefer) Please note that if you are paying via transfer this must be sent to me 24 hours before the shoot.
  • Do you take a deposit?
    Yes, I do! I take a £20 deposit. I know things come up last minute - you wake up with a million pimples, you've burnt your face on a curling wand or the train is delayed. I KNOW, it's happened to me as well! However it's impossible to fill your spot last minute on the same day and I end up losing out. Girl gotta eat.
  • How long is the session?
    Well now, that totally depends on which session you book. The shoot should take between 30 minutes and 3 hours from start to finish... but I always allow a bit of extra time just in case - I want to make sure you get the best shots you're happy with. If you have a tight time frame then let me know and I'll make sure to stay well on track with time (I have been known to get carried away)
  • When will I get my retouches?
    It'll take 7 working days from when you submit your retouch order. Working days: Monday to Friday, so for example if you submit on the Monday, expect them to be back the following Wednesday (or sooner!)
  • What should I bring with me?
    Key word is SIMPLE (but flattering): This is always the feedback from agents and casting directors. - Bring at least one well fitted, sober coloured T-shirt with a slightly scooped or V- Neck line. This will elongate your neck and make your collar bones pop. - YES COLOURS: Burgundy, grey, deep greens, muted blue, pale/baby blue, black, mustard, cream, and pastels almost always look good. What colours bring out your eyes and compliment your skin tone? - Bring some layers: Coats and jackets look great in headshots. It’s always nice to add some texture. If you do bring a ‘bolder’ colour, we can make it more subtle by adding a layer on top! - Think about interesting, flattering necklines. What shows off your features well and brings out your eyes? For example, slim fitting polo necks, lace, detailed neck lines, etc. - Do you have a top that other people always compliment? Bring it. Chances are you look great in it. - Feel free to bring hair straighteners and curlers. I’m always happy to help you do your hair should you need an extra pair of hands and if we have time.
    - T-SHIRTS WHICH ARE TOO TIGHT AT THE NECKLINE: To be honest, this an entirely personal preferance of mine. T-Shirts which are too tight at the neckline to cut off an actor and make them look 'closed off'. Instead, opt for a slightly looser like a v-neck, a scooped neck or suqare neck. - CRAZY COLOURS are a big no no - keep those for your big night out (or in, if Covid continues to suck). Unless you are under the age of 12, please don't bring anything bright, neon or patterned. Anything that will distract from your face in a headshot is not going to work. - LOGOS: Anything with a large logo, writing on it or a distracting pattern. This includes checkered shirts, unless it’s being worn as a layer on top of a shirt.
  • What should I do the night before the shoot?
    - DO drink loads of water. It'll make your skin look fresh. I hear it's also good for the health. - DO get a restful nights sleep. You'll be in a good mood, alert and ready to take direction from me, and look your absolute best in your pictures. Yay, we all win. - DO have your travel intinerary planned and check TFL in the morning for any delays and please let me know if you're running late so that I can make my 10th cup of coffee. - DON'T spontaneously try a new beauty trend that leaves you platinum blonde with no eyebrows (which by the way, is a sick look... but you'll need to commit to it for the next year or so until you get new headshots) - DON'T drink alcohol. You won't look as fresh as you could and your liver will thank you for taking a night off (I know mine would).
  • I'm awkward in front of a camera, what should I do?"
    I feel your pain. I'm extremely awkward in front of cameras too! But before we get started we'll have a good chat, I'll probably crack a bad joke and I promise you'll start to feel at ease with me in no time. Everyone's first 20 pictures are awkward, but you'll loosen up and get into the swing of the shoot before you know it and I'll give you direction/feedback as we go along. If you ever feel tired or like you want to take a break, no problem. We'll have a cup of tea and a biscuit and resume whenever you're ready.
  • Can I see the pictures during the shoot?
    Sure! As we go along I’ll show you the shots (if you want) so we can make sure we’re going in the right direction.
  • Can I bring my friend/parent/uncle/random man I met in the park?
    Please keep them at home. Unless you are a minor, I'd prefer to keep the studio space just for the two of us. My studio is "Cosy" and by "Cosy" I mean, absolutely miniscule. I work much better when I don't have distractions or other people to make cups of tea for. However if you have a dog, this rule obviously does not apply. Quite frankly, it would be rude not to bring them.
  • What happens if I'm running late?
    Please try your best to be on time. I cannot stress this enough. I am scheduled back to back and unfortunately cannot make up lost time if you are late. We all know what London can be like but please always check TFL before travelling. If you are running late, drop me a text letting me know your tea/coffee order so I can have everything ready for when you arrive. Seriously.
  • Oh no! I feel a cold coming on/got a last minute acting job/something urgent came up - what happens?
    This stuff happens, it’s no big deal. We're all human and I'm fairly chill. Upon booking a session with me you are required to pay a £20 deposit via PayPal on my site. The remainder should be paid to me in full either by BACS transfer, PayPal or in cash on the day. If you cancel within 24 hours, you can rebook without losing your deposit within 30 days. If it is after 24 hours, I’m sorry but your deposit is now mine and I’ll probably put it towards a large pepperoni pizza.
  • So you’re gonna take about 400 pictures - can I keep the unedited ones?” / “Why is there a watermark on the images in the online gallery?”
    Short answer is no. You can only keep the retouches included in your package (but yes, you can buy extra edits at checkout) Long answer is: I have a very strict zero-tolerance policy on letting anyone near un- retouched images as, what has happened in the past, is that they end up online on Spotlight, Facebook & Instagram and are then representing a standard of my work to other actors, agents and casting directors. If important people in the industry and prospective clients see work that isn’t my very very best, my business suffers.
  • How much do you charge for extra retouches?
    I charge a flat rate of £20 for each additional retouch. You'll recieve the retouch in Colour and Black/White
  • What happens if I pull a no show with zero warning?
    I’m not going to be very happy with you. Please don’t do that. You should treat a headshot session as a professional appointment. You wouldn’t pull a no show to an audition or a meeting with a casting director. To be blunt: I have no time for time wasters. If you don’t inform me 24 hours before your session you will unfortunately lose your deposit. If you want to rebook after that we’ll start from scratch and a new deposit will be taken and like I said before, your old deposit will be spent on pizza for one (me).
  • Do you have a Make Up Artist you work with?
    I work with a gaggle of extremely talented make up artists. If you are interested in booking grooming or MUA services, please email me directly to book as I need to organise with them. Please note that Hair and Makeup appointments do not include a Blow Dry. You must turn up with your hair clean and manageable, and we'll take it from there. Hair and Makeup is an additional £100 surplus fee unless booked in the Professional Package
  • Can I bring hair straighteners/curlers?
    Yeah sure! I'll even help you curl/straighten the back.
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